Dr. Greg Moloney, MBBS, BSC MED, MMED, FRCSC, Ophthalmologist, explains what ICL’s (Implantable Collamer Lenses) are and how they can correct vision in some patients.

Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL) and Vision Correction

For some patients seeking to get out of glasses, laser may not be a good option. This might be because your correction is too high, or your cornea too thin. For patients in this category the ICL may offer an alternative.

An ICL is a thin, highly flexible lens that can be implanted into the anterior chamber of the eye, underneath the iris. This is not visible to you after the surgery. The lens is able to correct high amounts of myopia (short sightedness), hyperopia (long sightedness) and astigmatism.

Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL) and Vision Correction

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Implantable collamer lenses are often used as an alternative to laser-based corneal surgeries.

Implantable collamer lenses are often used as an alternative to laser-based corneal surgeries. This surgery can be an alternative to high-prescription contact lenses or glasses.

Implantable collamer lenses are not an option if you have dry eyes.

Implantable collamer lenses can be a good option for people who have dry eyes.

Omega fatty acids may help reduce dry eye symptoms.

Omega fatty acids help create an oil layer in the tear film or your eyes. This can help lubricate your eyes and retain moisture.

There is no link between dry eye and depression.

Some studies have shown that people with depression may experience more severe dry eye symptoms. This may be due to antidepressants, which can contribute to dry eyes.

There is no link between lettuce and eye health.

Lettuce contains vitamin A, which contributes to eye health. Vitamin A may prevent macular degeneration.
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