Dr. Greg Moloney, MBBS, BSC MED, MMED, FRCSC, Ophthalmologist, explains what Refractive Cataract Surgery is and how it can eliminate cataracts and the need for glasses.

RLE Refractive Lens Exchange

In the past, the primary goal of cataract surgery was to remove the cloudy lens inside the eye and replace it with a clear plastic implant. It was accepted that glasses would almost always be required after surgery.

With modern innovation in testing methods, surgery and intraocular lens (IOL) design, it is now possible for us to set a goal of adjusting your vision in the way you would like to leave you focused for distance, near or possibly both, reducing or eliminating the need for glasses after surgery. IOL designs also allow for the correction of astigmatism in most cases.

SmartSurface Laser Procedure

Dr. Greg Moloney SmartSurface Laser Expert Internationally renowned surgeon and innovator in eye surgery.

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Refractive Lens Exchange

SmartSurface Laser Procedure

RLE Refractive Lens Exchange

What is Refractive Cataract Surgery and how it can eliminate cataracts and the need for glasses.

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