Dr. Greg Moloney, MBBS, BSC MED, MMED, FRCSC, Ophthalmologist, Vancouver, BC  explains the symptoms and treatment options of Keratoconus.

Keratoconus Symptoms and Treatment

Keratoconus is a disease of the cornea in which a normally round, dome-shaped cornea progressively thins, causing a cone-shaped bulge to develop. Keratoconus is felt to be caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. The chief environmental trigger for this condition is repeated mechanical pressure on the cornea- either by eye rubbing or a face down sleep posture. The irregular shape of the cornea can cause decrease visual acuity, which may not be correctable with corrective lenses in severe keratoconus.

SmartSurface Laser Procedure

Dr. Greg Moloney, MBBS, BSC MED, MMED, FRCSC, Ophthalmologist, explains how they treat Keratoconus and perform PRK for vision correction simultaneously at Pacific Laser Eye Centre.

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Dr. Greg Moloney, Ophthalmologist, Vancouver focuses his practice on SmartSurface Laser Procedure

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SmartSurface Laser Procedure

RLE Refractive Lens Exchange

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Boston Keratoprosthesis & Osteo-Odonto Keratoprosthesis Procedure

Dr Moloney offers the Boston Keratoprosthesis procedure and Osteo-Odonto Keratoprosthesis procedure via clinics in Vancouver and Sydney, Australia.
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