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Dr. Greg Moloney, Ophthalmologist, focuses his practice on SmartSurface Laser Procedure

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In conjunction with Schwind Eye Tech Solutions, our doctors have developed Smart Pulse Technology, which evolved to the SmartSurfACE Laser Procedure. SmartSurfACE is a completely touch-less procedure – no scraping, no cuts, no incisions, and no alcohol. The SmartSurfACE laser operates at 1000Hz (vs the traditional 400 Hz). The laser utilizes a 7-directional ocular movement tracking system which results in perfectly centered treatments even if the patient has difficulty holding still during the procedure. Treatment time is efficient at approximately 40 seconds per eye, and slightly longer for higher prescriptions. This one-step trans- epithelial procedure offers higher safety compared to LASIK, with no flap or intra-stromal complications, and no risk of ectasia (excessive weakening of the cornea). This is also associated with faster visual recovery compared to traditional PRK.

SmartSurfACE is suitable for patients with thin corneas or complex corneal topographies, such as keratoconus. The advanced laser allows our doctors to treat almost all levels of myopia in the safest manner possible

Dr. Greg Moloney, MBBS, BSC MED, MMED, FRCSC, Ophthalmologist, talks about vision correction by RLE (Refractive Lens Exchange).

Dr Greg Moloney works excusively at Pacific Laser Centre which features  Smart Pulse Technology, which evolved to the SmartSurfACE Laser Procedure.

Laser-assisted intrastromal keratoplasty (LASIK) is a procedure in which a flap is created with a specialized blade called a keratome, or a femtolaser. This flap, attached to the cornea by a hinge, is lifted away from the rest of the cornea. The underlying corneal bed is then sculpted by an excimer laser, and then the flap is put back in its original position.

In the past, the advantage of LASIK was quicker visual recovery compared to traditional PRK. With the advancement of technology and techniques, the benefit of quick visual recovery with SmartSurfACE, especially immediately after procedure, is almost equivalent to that with LASIK.

Studies have shown that the LASIK flap does not heal completely. There have been incidences when blunt trauma can dislodge the flap even over 10 years after a LASIK procedure. As there is no flap in SmartSurfACE, this is not an associated issue. Long term follow-up has shown that LASIK can be associated with corneal weakening, known as ectasia. This is a rare condition where the cornea weakens uncontrollably and can be only treated with corneal cross-linking or a corneal transplant. This condition is not associated with PRK or SmartSurfACE.

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Dr. Greg Moloney, Ophthalmologist, Vancouver focuses his practice on SmartSurface Laser Procedure

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SmartSurface Laser Procedure

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